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Cats Have No Masters Why Cats Do That: A Collection of Curious Kitty Quirks

Ever wonder why your cat does things like bringing home their prey to you, or why do they always laand on their feet? Here is a lighthearted explanation of all those quirky things you never were sure about. Written by Karen Anderson, who also wrote Just Cats (Just Series), Cats Have No Masters...Just Friends: An Investigation into the Feline Mind and The Cat-Sitter's Handbook: A Personalized Guide for Your Pet's Caregiver, you'll go back to this one time and time again.

Cat-Sitter's Handbook The Cat-Sitter's Handbook: A Personalized Guide for Your Pet's Caregiver

When we're going away, the most comfortable place to leave our cat is at home, which means having a catsitter visiting the home regularly to provide care. This book format allows you to enter specific information about your cat including feeding, medication, toys, schedule and more, as well as providing an orientation on cat behavior, tips on dealing with problems and emergency care.

New Encyclopedia of the Cat The New Encyclopedia of the Cat

The New Encyclopedia is the definitive guide to feline history, behavior and anatomy. Written by world-renowned veterinarian and author, Dr. Bruce Fogle, this is the complete cat care manual.

Cat Talk Cat Talk: The Secrets of Communicating With Your Cat

Pet Psychic Sonya Fitzpatrick has drawn worldwide attention with her ability to communicate with animals. In Cat Talk, Fitzpatrick shares secrets and stories of the feline world.

Cat Owner's Veterinary Handbook Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook

Virtually every problem a cat owner may encounter is dealt with in language that teaches everyone how to cope with and prevent those unpleasant surprises.

That Yankee Cat: The Maine Coon That Yankee Cat: The Maine Coon

Whether you own, breed or are just curious about the Maine Coon Cat, you won't want to miss this book. Marilis Hornidge has provided a top reference guide to this most American of breeds.

Secrets of the Cat Secrets of the Cat : Its Lore, Legend, and Lives (Common Reader Editions)

Barbara Holland has brought to life an intriguing assortment of stories and tales about the lives and times of the cat.

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